Read Pete Horton's 24 Hour Event in Borrego Springs, USA

After suffering serious injury, Pete Horton battled through the pain barrier to enter 24 Hour Event.

Pete Horton recently took part in the World 24 Hour Time Trial Championships, Borrego Springs, USA.

As many people would admit, if they suffered a serious injury before a momumental event such as World 24 Hour Time Trial Championship, they would probably concede defeat.

Our very own Club Rider, Pete Horton didn't however. He was in training for this very event. Nine weeks ago his training was interupted by an accident which included a broken collar bone & cracked ribs.

Pete's target was 400 miles but after 12 hours trailed off, possibly due to only riding on the road a few weeks since his accident. At the end of the event Pete finished in joint 12th in his age catagory and in the top half of all male solo racers.

Race Info

  • 23h 45m
  • 343.2mi
  • 6,890ft

A truly remarkable effort and result Pete!

From everyone at the DR Team.

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