DRCC Membership Renewal

Wow😮, can you believe that the Dynamic Rides Cycling Club has only been running for one year!? We hope you have enjoyed cycling with us as much as we’ve enjoyed having you along for the ride!

This does, however, mean that DRCC Membership is up for renewal. Subscriptions are due 1st April 2018 and remain at £30.00 per annum. Existing members get to keep their coveted rider number and new rider flags will be available to collect 1st April onwards. Please do display your rider flag.
We will be running another annual loyalty membership scheme and more information on this will be coming soon.
It is also Dynamic Rides 5th Birthday this Saturday, so make sure that you pop into the store this weekend (Friday to Sunday), as we are offering an extra 10% on all sale items!

Ride On.

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