Mad Summer Hare gets Dynamic assistance

As events go, the Septembers Mad Summer Hare Sportive offering was a huge success, well that’s a slight under-statement!

Despite the weather conditions being wet for part of the day, there was a huge turn out, with many riders representing Dynamic Rides. A total of £3480.00 was raised for Acorns Children’s Hospice and 1st Tilbury Green Scouts. We had our work cut out on the day, with 103 separate incidents to resolve. Here are a few of the riders comments about Dynamic Rides support on the day:

“I stopped for 5-10 mins for a breather as I hadn't drank enough and these guys were on me right away, didn't need them but they offered - I felt like I had my own pro team with me.”

“Managed to do the 100 miles without a puncture. These guys were very visible throughout the ride though so if there were any problems they were only a phone call away. Great support.”

“My puncture was sorted in a very efficient manner. The guy had thumbs of steel!”

“Saved my day. Punctured and was back on the road in literally 3 mins!”

“Thank you to Dynamic Rides for you help with our incident. You were fantastic.”


Mad March Hare 2018 Entries are open on November 1st 2017.