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Be part of our ride community

We're committed to helping you get the most out of your bike - join our cycling club and you can participate in our popular Saturday morning rides and if you're feeling really competitive then you can sign up to be part of our race team. For the more adventurous amongst you, why not come on one of our foreign trips and really put yourself – and your bike – to the test?

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Join our cycling club

Take part in our regular Saturday morning rides together with around 200 other members. We run rides to suit all abilities and, if you’ve not ridden in a group before, we’ll teach you the etiquette and explain the jargon as well as introducing you to your fellow riders. We’re relaxed, welcoming and great fun, here to help you grow in confidence and ability.

To join, register at British Cycling. Look for our club: Dynamic Rides CC

Dynamic Rides racing team

Want to explore your competitive spirit? Then join our race team. We compete in a whole variety of events and are always looking for new team members.

Foreign climbs

If you're feeling adventurous, join us on one of our organised trips and venture to the climbs of the pros – Majorca, the Alps or the Pyrenees. This is a great opportunity to explore your limits on your bike, make new friends and, of course, sample the local food and wine!